DNS Minerals Executives in Recent Talks Regarding Minerals Tester

DNS Minerals Executives in Recent Talks Regarding Minerals Tester
27 August, 2016

Our CEO’s Brian McAllister and Emilio Guilardo have recently held discussions with various mining
companies around the Mexican mining belt in relation to the distribution of our portable mineral tester.
We secured exclusive rights to distribute the mineral tester from the manufacturer at the end of March
this year. The discussions were fruitful and progress is being made towards providing these firms with our
revolutionary technology.

We have secured an order from a major mining company for 2,500 units of the mineral tester.
Manufacturing has begun and is due to be delivered by the end of the year.

Underwriting began in relation to the potential merger or flotation of our company earlier this month
by a leading financial institution in Canada. Once we have the results from the institution, we will
Commence announcing the information to our shareholders. Negotiations that began in November of
last year have progressed and a third round of talks is planned to begin in September. All indicators
at this point look to be positive.

Also, we are pleased to announce meetings are due to be held with the Board of Directors regarding
unsettled dividends to be paid to our shareholders. As you will be aware, we suspended paying
dividends for Q4 2016 and Q1 and Q2 of 2017 due to these negotiations. The outcome of these
discussions will be announced once a decision has been finalized. We thank you for your patience
and commitment during this time.

A full report is currently being prepared concerning our progress in the fiscal first half of 2017 and will
be released imminently. Silver prices have been above $16.00 USD for 176 days out of 230 this
Calendar year and this has had a positive impact on our bottom line and share value, as well as our
Earnings per Share (EPS). This means that our profits have considerably exceeded our expectations of
$5.72 USD after operating costs. Definitive figures and information will be released in due course.

Finally, we would like to once again thank you for your vote of confidence and we look forward to a
bright and profitable future alongside our cherished investors.

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