DNS Minerals Strengthen Advisory Committee

DNS Minerals Strengthens Advisory Committee
14 December, 2016

DNS Minerals Inc. (the "Company" or "DNS Minerals is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. William Hatfield and Mr. James Middleton to the Advisory Committee for the Company. Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Middleton join Mr. Samuel Cope in forming an experienced Advisory Committee who are external advisors to the Company and will assist DNS Minerals' Management and Board of Directors in advancing the firm’s global presence.

"I have worked with these outstanding individuals for a long period of time and I am very pleased they have decided to be counsellors to our team," said James Harvey, a spokesperson for DNS Minerals. "They are highly regarded mining experts with a remarkable track record of success. They each have a depth of knowledge and technical expertise that will be highly influential in advancing toward the direction the company is aiming."

Mr. Hatfield has more than 25 years of practice in mineral exploration, mine feasibility studies, opening new mines, contracting mine expansions and in the development of best practices in mine safety, mine operations and economic performance improvement. He is also an Engineer and received a bachelor of applied science degree in mineral engineering.

DNS Minerals has also announced that it has awarded stock options to Directors, consultants and employees of the Company in the total amount of 375,000 shares under the terms of the incentive stock option plan. The options are executable at $6.73 per share for a period of two years and are subject to a six month hold period from the date of the issuance thereof.

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