DNS Minerals Conference Discusses Silver Futures

05 September, 2016

DNS Minerals Incorporated recently conducted a Conference where members of various industrial sectors -including mining industries, electronics manufacturers and financial firms - came together to discuss the growing propensity for industrial-grade silver. A wide range of established and emerging products from solar energy to odour-resistant fabrics were discussed by speakers from Canada and abroad. A common concurrence was that there is a mounting appetite for silver as industry has turned to advanced technological products as well as systems that require the qualities of the precious metal.

In his opening statement, Emillio Gallardo, CEO of DNS Minerals, said "Silver industrial demand accounted for 61 per cent of overall demand in 2016. It is very apparent to us that the reflective and conductive qualities of silver were superior to other metals as today's high tech products advance onto the market."

While giving a review of the current silver market, Mr Gallardo stated that "Silver is truly a 'hybrid metal', serving as an crucial element in so many of the world's established and emerging industries, and as a precious possession for millions of investors around the world."

"A growing demand for silver is partly due to its use in solar energy. It is a requisite of the solar energy chain. Silver use in solar energy is expected to surge 34% in 2017 to total 91.2 million ounces, the strongest rate of growth since 2011."

Silver's irreplaceable role as a conductor in so many electronic products is well known and was discussed at the conference. It is found in computers, cell phones, tablets and numerous other electronic products.

The metal's natural antibacterial properties were also a topic at the conference. Silver is found in medical applications all over the world; it's inherently antimicrobial and controls hundreds of pathogens. As such, silver is now integrated into fabrics. The metal has been put to one of its most imaginative uses by manufacturers creating lines of clothing incorporating silver threads that help neutralise body odour. A concluding panel discussion examined issues affecting silver's industrial potential in a growing economy and its uses where silver's unique properties outweigh all other factors. 

"The panel discussion showcased many of silver's unique attributes that were reflected during the entire conference - it has an incredibly broad number of uses and a massively strong appeal with investors." Mr Gallardo conclude.


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