Our Environmental Protection Policy articulates our commitment to prevent or mitigate as much as reasonably possible the impacts of mining on the environment, improve the efficiency of our use of natural resources (e.g. land, water, energy, etc.), reduce waste, and improve waste recycling, through effective, efficient, equitable and scientifically sound policies and practices.

We aim to not only meet local laws and regulations but also to exceed them where possible, focusing on sustainable development and adoption of best environmental practices. We maintain ongoing two-way communication with the communities adjacent to our operations, addressing their concerns, initiating proactive programs, supporting common actions and informing them about the environmental impacts of our operations.

One example in response to water scarcity in many mining regions, a number of innovative water conservation practices are being developed and implemented to reduce water use. In Canada, mining has one of the highest water recycling rates among the industrial sectors, and between 1996 and 2005 reduced its total water intake by 33%. This drop in water use occurred at the same time as the value of production increased 48%, meaning the water intake per dollar of production (or water-use intensity) has also declined. We encourage the same practices where applicable here whilst mining in Mexico.

Another way we contribute to the environmental health of our surroundings is reducing output. It is generally recognized that preventing pollution is more economic and effective at reducing environmental impacts than cleaning it up later on (i.e., leaving a legacy of environmental degradation for future generations). 

Methods for minimizing and eliminating wastes in the production of minerals and metal commodities include:

  • Using cleaner production techniques
  • Environmental control technologies
  • Using waste as raw material
  • Reducing the amount of waste produced through process re-engineering

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