We understand that our economic performance has effects on all of our stakeholders. Thus we regularly evaluate and formulate policies and strategies to regulate and sustain growth. Keeping in mind performance, goals, strategies, risk assessment, and management, so that we can adapt to the changing circumstances of the company.

Direct Economic Contributions

We provide employment opportunities, via training and workshops, and to bring a change for the employees, and their families, and the communities. Furthermore, we also provide infrastructure development, training, and health and safety programs.

Community Investment

We have a various range of investments for community investment, and it includes health, education, employability, infrastructure, environment, sports, culture, and the celebration and preservation of local traditions in its criterion for the selection of such programs.

Local Procurement

Procuring the goods from outside sellers is not beneficial for the community, however, acquiring them from the local suppliers, if possible, will result in the community prospering and thus becoming beneficial for the society. We have local procurement procedures at the San José Project for competitive bid processes that all purchase and tender decisions must be based upon, but we prefer local sellers, if possible.

What are we up to in Mexico ?

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